[80s disco]Topo & Roby - Set On Fire

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I'm in love with you
My time with you is right
Love is not to blame
So you can get me 
Keep me satisfied
You are my only truth
You have all my life
Why don't believe it? 
Like a sinful game you take me higher
Like a flame my heart can set on fire 
Every move you make
I will just call you love
Looking for your style
I'm getting stronger 
Like a winding track your love is power
Like a flame my heart can set on fire 
Oh my boy I hope this feeling never ends tonight
Baby I will get to know you in a special way
If you look for inspiration I will be so fine
You can set me free you can set me free 
Loving you so long
I keep you satisfied
You can't get away
This is my order

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